New Hope Club Appreciation

Welcome to the club 🙂

Sooo if you know me, you know i adore this band NHC! If you don’t know me… well you know now! If you haven’t heard of them, i really think you should have a listen to some of their music!


NHC crazyy.jpg


I have seen them perform a fair few times since they started out, the first time seeing them, on The Vamps tour in 2016. The last time i got to see them was at Summer In The City, they performed and also had a meet and greet! I always look forward to seeing  them live soo much and now i’m not sure of the next time i’ll see them which is sad! Everyone just dances and sings along at their performances i love love looovveee it! Everyone always stares and me and my friends at gigs dancing and singing as loud as we can, i honestly just have the best time with them.


Summer In The City – 11/8/18

This year so far, i have been to see them at…

  • The New Hope Club FanFest – Birmingham
  • The Vamps Tour – Bournemouth
  • The Vamps Tour – Birmingham
  • The Vamps Tour – London
  • New Hope Club- On The Road To Shepherds Bush Show
  • Summer In The City

For me the shepherds bush show was the best performance by far! It was just so full of energy, they sang a good mix of old songs and newer ones, and the sound in this venue was just incredible! We were sat in the floor seating around 10 rows back, but there were some seats front row that n one was sitting in, and we asked a member security that if they were free after the support acts had finished and no one had taken them, if we could have them! It was the best thing ever! The atmosphere was insane and it was just such an incredible way to spend the show, singing and dancing front row! We also had VIP which was before the show. It wasn’t the best NHC VIP that i have had personally, was a tiny bit rushed and the room was so loud and a big mess of people everywhere, BUT it was still absolutely lovely to see them again and have a quick chat and some selfies.

nhc shepherds bush meet and greet.jpg

Shepherds Bush Show – 1/6/18

I just wanted this to be a kind of appreciation post really! They’re just truly amazing at what they do and just want to let everyone know about them! I cannot wait to see them perform again soon, i absolutely LOVE supporting them!

If you want to ask me anything about any time i’ve seen them, just message me on any of my social media links 🙂

xoxo T

Summer In The City 2018

Hey! So if you like YouTube, you will probably know about the event “Summer in the city” (SITC), held at the London excel centre! It’s on every year around August time, and lasts for 3 days, with creators all coming together for meet & greets, discussion panels, fair ground rides and lots and lots of merch! :’)

I’ve been a few years, and it’s honestly such an incredible event! I would recommend anyone to go, there’s something for everyone. I’ve met the best people at this event over the years, and it’s honestly inspired me so much.

This year met some absolutely wonderful creators. Most of them this year I had actually met before somewhere! But.. one of the best feelings is when you’ve been following someone’s content online, and when you meet them in person, and they are just so lovely, and you can really have a chat to them and really see their personality, it’s such a nice feeling to know they actually want to stay and talk, and take some pictures with you. I just makes you feel really appreciated!

Favourite Creators I Met This Year:




Main channel:

Vlog channel:



sam carr


james essex





I met so many more creators over the 3 day event! But these were just some of my favourites that i met and really got to chat to!

Some of the not so good parts…

  • This year at the event I did feel like something was missing. For me, I feel that all the stalls this year were great, but they were more stalls for looking at and buying things instead of more activity stalls like last year. So this meant that this year, many of the queues for merch stalls were extra long! As creators are often at their stalls wanting to meet people! Which is amazing! But this year for me they just seemed longer than usual.
  • It does get stressful at times. I had a really nice chat with creators Niki And Sammy, when they could tell I was feeling a bit on edge and stressed. They helped me understand that it can be a stressful environment at times at those types of events, as there is many people all trying to do exactly what you are doing! Wanting to meet everyone they can, have pictures, rushing to get to places, as well as a concert environment as well on top of that, so just be careful and make sure you look after yourself at SITC. It’s hard not to get caught up in everything and get excited, not eat/drink and then it can become even more stressful, as I have learnt from first hand experience last year at the event.

SITC Tips:

  • Stay in a hotel close by! One year i stayed around half an hour away from the venue, but the traveling gets a lot when you’re at the event all day for 2/3 days! This year i was at the event at around 9am-9:30pm every day and we could just about manage the 5 min walk to our hotel haha
  • Make sure to fill in your meet and greet ballot on time! There is always a closing date for the ballots, so make sure you get it out of the way, so you do not forget and then have to miss out on the official meet and greets.
  • Leave creators alone if they are eating I always see people bothering creators whilst they’re eating in the food sections in the venue, and then say they were horrible for not wanting to meet them! they just want to eat! They are very busy and will speak to you afterwards :’)
  • Don’t carry a lot with you. Walking around all day to different parts of the venue, you don’t want to be carrying all sorts with you, TRUST ME!
  • Plan those outfits! I get so excited when SITC comes around! If I didn’t choose exactly what outfits I was wearing for each of the days, I would be in some serious trouble :’)

Overall I freakin love and adore this event!!! It makes me so inspired every year that I attend!

xoxo T


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet another one of my favourite female artists, as she came to the UK as part of the Vamps Tour this year! I honestly never thought i would get the chance to even see her perform live, let alone meet her! She’s such an angel!

maggie lindemann

She was so sweet and just seemed so excited as soon as she saw me coming towards her, and smiling at her! I think it was because she was part of New Hope Club’s meet and greet as well, it may have been hard meeting people that didn’t actually know her so well, and weren’t really there for Maggie specifically, and when she knew that someone knew her and wanted to see her, and could tell by their faces, her face lit up so much and it just melted my heart when i saw someone meeting her, that was actually there for her.

The first thing he said to me after we hugged was “OH MY GOSH YOU’RE SO PRETTY… OH MY GOSH YOUR HAIR!” hahah shes just so lovely! And she kind of swept the hair from my face with her hand and did a motion with her hands and said “perfect ahh”. And of course i absolutely love her hair as well, i told her the same thing and did the same to her, we were honestly just laughing at ourselves haha!


The whole thing was filmed and at one point she noticed and said “am i being filmed?… well hey!” and did a thumbs up to the camera (photo above!) and it was just a beautiful moment. I honestly just told her that i love her music and what she does and i couldn’t wait to see her perform, and she just appreciated it so so much and couldn’t stop smiling! The whole time she just kept saying thank you to me, and my heart was still just melting.

Also her outfit was just amazing! i really want to find the top she is wearing here! I absolutely loveeee it! You can’t really see too well because of the coat she was wearing but i just love it! I you know Maggie, her outfits are always just so great and colour coordinated!

She is just so welcoming to everyone that meets her, if you ever have the chance to i 100% say go for it! Maggie was so lovely to chat to, honestly cares about her supporters so much and shows so much love! ❤

xoxo T

Meeting HRVY

So Harvey is getting quite big now, which is absolutely incredible! It has honestly been such an honor, to have been able to watch him grow as an artist since the end of 2013, when i first heard about him and first met him! Many people are surprised when i tell them that i have been supporting him for this long, and it’s honestly such an amazing feeling seeing everything he has achieved since then.

I have met and seen him quite a few times over the years but i will tell you about the two most recent times! These pictures are from meeting him outside BBC Radio 1 London! It was such a lovely day, there was only around 25 people that came, and i LOVED speaking to them all, meeting others that support Harvey as much as i do just makes my heart melt, its just such a lovely feeling. I also met a new friend of mine, Taya again, who i met because of Harvey in April!


He always recognises people even if he doesn’t quite remember their names, i love it! He gives such great hugs and talks about the most random things. This time it was my hair and Love Island! Also i love this shirt he was wearing and everyone was hating on it i felt so bad hahah

Another special thing that happened that day (9/6/18) was, HE PERFORMED AT THE CAPITAL SUMMER TIME BALL!!! AT WEMBLEY! The thing was, he wasn’t telling anyone, but we had all guessed anyway and when i asked him, i said if you are actually going i will go there after this and buy a ticket to see you perform in front of the biggest crowd you’ve ever performed to! And he kind of just kept avoiding everyone’s questions and just replying “hmmm maybe” and things like that. And so yes of course, i ended up buying me and my friend standing tickets off someone outside of wembley stadium for only £25 each! If you know summer time ball, that is extremely cheap hahah! I did have a few tears when he came and performed with Jonas Blue. He smashed it and sounded amazing! So proud of him!


The other most recent time i saw Harvey was at The Vamps Tour this year! I ended up going to 3 dates of this tour it was that good of a show! and i wanted to see Harv perform again and again of course! I went to Bournemouth, London and Birmingham dates, but had VIP for Harvey at Bournemouth! (16/4/18) This cost an extra £50 on top of whatever ticket you wanted to get for the Vamps Show.

At Bournemouth the first lot of pictures above, were actually in Bournemouth Town centre, i was out and about all day in town and at the beach as it was so sunny, and we saw him walk past us! And i met some other lovely girls that wanted to see him too!


There was only 16 of us in the Bournemouth VIP! It was such a beautiful atmosphere and none of it was rushed at all! No pushing or shoving at all, everyone lined up and Harvey really appreciated us all waiting while he met everyone, coming down the line.

I was last so i was actually sat on the floor when he came to me as it was taking a while, which is fine, as it meant he was spending alot of time with each person, which i loveddd! But i was tired so i was sat on the floor, and he kind of just looked down at me and laughed and said hello again! and i got up for a hug, he’s so lovely! If you have any chance to meet him i 100% recommend going to see him! His performances are always insane and hes the loveliest person to meet and chat to!

So as you can see we were sat on the floor for a bit doing some clapping game which i kept failing at :’) everyone found this hilarious, in the video you can just hear everyone laughing!

I also asked him if he could sing a bit of “Thank You” his first ever released song from years ago! He was amazed that i’d been supporting him for that long and was so greatful. He sang some of it for us, the video is beautiful he’s honestly just singing it to my camera and its such a precious video! ❤

Harvey is such a lovely person and i can’t help supporting everything he does!

xoxo T


Meet The Shades…

So there is this band called THE SHADES… I’ve known them for 4/5 years now, you could say they are my favourite, so lets go with that!

Lets meet them…

meet the shades

Check out their covers and originals over on their YouTube channel ! and if you like what you hear… then they have a tour coming up in May! And I will hope to see you there! Yep i’m going to the whole tour hahah 😀

Click the Tour Poster for the ticket link:


Here’s the rest of their social media links to check out, if you’re new, check them out and let me know what you think, tweet me @TristansUnicorn ,(yes the twitter name is becase of Tris from the band haha), and i’ll welcome you to our cute lil supporter world 😀






xoxo T

Matt Espinosa GOING GLOBAL TOUR ft. Jake Foushee

On the 29th August 2017 i finally got the privilege of meeting Matthew Espinosa, if you don’t know him, he’s known for making youtube videos, being in the old Magcon, making vines, actor and overall i’d say a social media influencer! Who i like alot :’) Soo… if theirs anyone out there who’s like me and has supported him for years throughout all of this, and who lives in the UK, you will know how much of a big deal this is… THAT MATTHEW ESPINOSA ACTUALLY CAME TO DO A TOUR IN EUROPE AND ENGLAND!!! I actually couldn’t believe it, when i first saw the tour poster on twitter i honestly thought it would just be a tour of America and i didn’t get my hopes up at all. I WAS WRONG! I just knew i had to go to this event, before i even knew what would be happening at it as soon as i saw it was a European tour!

I went to the London tour date with my friend Lydia! I’d been to this part of London before so it was pretty familiar which was good. We got to London at about 11/12 even though the event didn’t start until 4pm. Theres an explanation, we first went to the Sugg Life x PB merch pop up shop! (If you want to hear more about this let me know). We got to the venue for Matt at about 3 o clock, we saw no one outside or anything so thought we had the wrong place for a second! There weren’t many people at all to what was expecting! The venues for this tour were all hotels.

There were two ticket types that were available, I had a panel ticket as well as a meet and greet ticket which allowed us to have a kind of question and answer session with Matt and Jake before we met them. I really loved this as we ended up discussing the different words which mean the same thing, that people in England say differently to what they call things in America, such as the Freeway and Motorway and bandaid and plaster! During this the Jake kept saying how much he liked english breakfast tea! The panel went on for about an hour, maybe a tiny bit longer.


About 20 minutes later it was time for the meet and greet. We had fun trying to find the toilets in this huge Hilton Hotel haha. I also got some tea during this time and decided to give it to Jake as he said he really wanted some! Waiting in the queue, i was actually shaking, i nearly spilt the tea at least 5 times. I’ve never been this bad before meeting anyone, for my friend to actually have to say to me taht i was shaking! I didn’t even realise how much until she had said! We had to re-enter the room and show our second ticket and get another wristband as we went in to have our meet and greet. As we were queuing inside the room, no one was meeting Jake, so i shouted for  him t come over so i could give him the tea. He was shocked that it was for him which was quite funny, he took it and tried to say “Cheers” in that typical way that everyone thinks British people speak in! (There is a video of this moment in my vlog!) He then jusst casually went back to his meet and great area whilst drinking the tea hahaa! Meeting Matt felt so special, he made sure everyone was happy and had a great time, and was so kind to us all. I told him he had to come back to England to go on the London Eye… its just a must do tourist thing! We had a lovely conversation and posed for a few cute pictures as well as a polaroid, nothing was rushed at all! I felt that he was tired but he had traveled so much recently who wouldn’t be! But It was still a beautiful experience! ❤ Then meeting Jake was just absolutely hilarious, just loved every second, he’s brilliant! He picked his tea back up, just so it could be in the photos! He was just so so happy and we took some pretty funny photos including me going on his back as well which was great! We then got to pick a signed poster that we wanted and got given a lanyard as well which i think was a lovely touch.


After the event was over Jake actually came out to speak to us some more and i made a video with him for my vlog and got some selfies too! The story behind the vlog video was that everyone was telling him he was “peng” and he had never really heard that word before,  i think it’s just a British thing i have no idea! So when i asked him to be in my vlog he said im here with this peng ting!” trying to use the word in context omg it was just the funniest thing! We then left and went into westfields to go and get some food, and ended up with waffles and icecream :’D and on the way out about an hour or so later… we saw Jake again! We told them they had to try nandos! and they did!!! We gave him a hug and thanked him for a great day and stuff and then went to get the tube back to the train station. We got on the train to go home at about 9pm. I can’t even explain how amazing this day was! I will 100% tell anyone thinking of meeting either of them, to definitely do it! It was worth every penny!

I vlogged this whole day on my Youtube channel if you wanna check it out! 🙂 

xoxo T

Meeting Sabrina Carpenter!

At the Vamps “Middle Of The Night Tour” on May 19th in Birmingham (UK) I met Sabrina Carpenter! She was supporting them on their tour, she has helped on a song with them called “Hands”, hearing it live with them both was insane! Absolutely LOVED IT!

Sooo… I had already purchased a ticket to the vamps tour in around October time 2016 and the tour was in May. Then in around April I saw there was VIP available for Sabrina! I thought the vamps are from England so I can meet them another time, and I just had to meet Sabrina as she doesn’t really come over here often! It cost £112 for the VIP experience ticket and then £25 for the vamps tour ticket separately.

I met my 2 friends, Georgia and Lydia, that also had VIP inside at the check in point in the arena, and it started at about 5:30pm.

Here we each got wrist banded and collected our VIP bags, these included, a signed set list, a key ring, a badge pack and a VIP Sabrina carpenter lanyard. We could then go to merch and I brought the black Sabrina long sleeve tshirt, which says her song lyrics “king and queen of no where”, on the back of it.


We got moved into a small room with tables and chairs inside, and there was a Screen, lights and a camera set up for the Meet and greet pictures.

The meet and greet was honestly one of the greatest ones I’ve ever been to! It was so chilled out and relaxed and was not rushed AT ALL! You got at least one professional photo taken with the camera, I got 2. And you were allowed to take selfies on your phone too! Whenever you wanted during your turn meeting her. It was so lovely talking to her, I told her about the scrapbook me and my friend made for her and she was honestly so so happy and greatful, I really really hope she read some of it and looked at it. She said she loved my braids haha I love how she said that when we all call them plaits, i couldn’t help but laugh a bit and I told her we say plaits haha. She asked if i was excited about the show and I mean of course I was! She said make sure you sing as loud as you can, and I said I was going to scream the lyrics out as loud as I could for her, and she said oh no screaming here, thinking I was going to scream in the meet and greet :’D and she said oh yeah yeah yeah that’s fine go for it! Haha it was just so lovely to speak to her, just a normal conversation it was so lovely. No meet and greet I have ever been to has been like this before! And she was so excited about the photo, I said could we do a cool pose and she was all for it! And the selfies were so cute too. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She made me feel so welcome and so appreciated for supporting her career of music and acting, and was so happy I recognised her for both.


Lydia and I, made her a scrapbook full of messages and Polaroid style photos of her with fans, although she says “family” which I love so so much, from all around the world in the book. I absolutely loved making it and reading everyone’s messages about how they met her and in all these different places and seeing everyone’s beautiful meet and greet photos! Thanks so much to everyone that took part in this, If anyone that did is reading this I’m really happy you all did! 🙂


We then had to kind of loop back around and queue again to sit down and Sabrina would come back in a few minutes to do an acoustic set! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed I wanted to cry slightly! We weren’t allowed to have our phones out to video it but I audio recorded it from my phone in my bag. In between songs she was speaking to us all as well. She asked what a shortened version of our city was called so we said “Brum” as we were in Birmingham. And she couldn’t pronounce it properly she kept pronouncing the H and laughed when we said it we said UM at the end instead of HAM it was just so funny and we said to say hey BRUM on the stage and she actually did when she came into stage!

I can’t describe how special she made me feel when I was meeting her and I 100% say go buy VIP if you want to meet her it was worth every penny spent!

xoxo T

The Vamps Up Close And Personal Tour! Ft. London Disaster!

If you know the vamps then you will have heard about their small tour that has recently just ended, called “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL”, that they did to promote their new album “Night And Day”, before it came out.

I went to the Birmingham show. I was so shocked by the new songs, they were just incredible! I think they were a slightly different style to what they have done before but i absolutely love it! They are all so catchy and we were all singing along to the choruses of the songs straight away. Shades on is my favourite at the moment, we had all actually heard this already as they sang it on their Middle Of The Night tour in May. Yes i did have my sunglasses on whilst jamming to this song! I wasn’t the only one i promise!

I then went to the London show as well, i had VIP for this one. We actually got stranded in Northampton on the way to London as there was some ind of accident and they had to stop all trains from that station onward. BUT, it was okay! I met some LOVELY people at the station that were also going to the Vamps, that i can now call my friends, i can’t wait to see them again! We had to get a taxi to the next nearest train station, which cost nearly £40! urgh, it was split between 6 of us though. We got to this train station 4 mins before the next train to London which was lucky! We literally had to run across this bridge to get to the right platform!

We finally got to London at about 11:45 after setting of at about 7:30am, it was a nightmare! Me and my friend Livvy spent most of the day in London doing touristy things as usual, before heading back to the venue to meet back up with our new friends.

IMG_8601We went to the venue getting lost on the way and having to get the others to come and meet us, of course we didn’t know that there were 2 stations with the same name, luckily they weren’t toooo far apart haha! The next disaster started when they told my friend Livvy that the 02 priority queue would start later and to wait at the front of the venue not near the other queues such as the VIP and seating ones. It got to the point where i was already in the venue as i had VIP, and the concert, the support act, TAKE, which i LOVEEE! had already started and she was still outside!!! because none of the people that were meant to be organising, knew what they were doing and it turns out there wasn’t an 02 priority queue like they had told us there would be, earlier.


The VIP started around half 6! We all had to queue in this small room that was actually upstairs above where the concert would take place. We queued along the back of the room against the bar waiting for the boys to come in.


The boys were so lovely, they took quite alot of photos when they took them. I too some and sometimes they asked to take one which was fun :’) They also all smelt great if anyone wanted to know haha. I’ve met them a few times before but these have all been at signings for albums and books and stuff. They all gave such great hugs it’s like they just wanted to meet us all for longer and didn’t want us to leave.IMG_8599

I think it was not very rushed, but it came to the point where the boys were waiting for me to move on, to meet them, as people had gone so quick past each of them, where as i was actually trying to speak to them as well which was so nice. So they all ended up photo bombing each others pictures with me which was great haha.IMG_8600

Someone’s beautiful Fan Project:

The concert was insane!!! I never get bored of seeing The Vamps! I haven’t missed a tour! also these 2 girls did a fan project which was BEAUTIFUL!!! They had everyone hold up signs they had created with the lyrics to “Paper Hearts”, when everyone was holding them up and they were singing the song i was honestly crying. I was right in front of James on the front row, and he asked me to hold it closer so he could read it, the look on all of their faces when they saw everyone holding up was just incredible and I’ve never seen them so happy. It was honestly so beautiful.IMG_8603.JPG

After the show we hadn’t realised the time and had already missed the train we had booked for 9:43 the Birmingham one had finished around 10 past 9! so we thought that would be okay! We all ran in the pouring rain after the tubes, to get back to our train station and made it in time for the 10:30 train but a woman stopped me and Livvy and told us to buy new train tickets, we literally had £0 left after all the taxis and tubes we had to get, and the train was leaving in about 30 seconds! Had to argue with her a bit and luckily Liv still gets away with child tickets so she said because 1 of you is under 16 i’ll have to let you go! oh my gosh this was the most eventful day i have ever had going to a concert or event! If you want to know anything else just comment or tweet me 🙂


The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire: Dan and Phil


Soo this was actually a long time ago, October 2015! But i was just looking through all of my old event picture folders on my laptop that has just been fixed! so prepare for some old stories!

My best friend got me a ticket to this tour it was a complete surprise! I knew she was going but i had no idea she had another ticket for me! I came to her house one day and she gave me a present and card, and inside it was the ticket! I honestly cried i was so happy and i just fell on the floor in her bedroom!


I had been to meet both the crazy youtubers we love earlier that year in the summer so couldn’t wait to see them again!

We kind of got lost inside the venue…i know that sounds strange but this place had loads of different rooms okay!😂 we were standing with a bunch of people for ages until we realised none of them were VIP so I ended up asking someone on the merch stand where the VIP room was…. yeahh it was kind of the other side of the building so that was fun!

The VIP room was great it had sweets and waters for everyone and beenbags and chairs everywhere it was so cosy! Everyone could go and meet Dan And Phil when they felt like it in this little booth section in a corner of the room.

They were so lovely, once again! They give really good hugs! And as you can see from my picture with them I’m sure they are happy to do pretty much any photo idea you have 😂 I always try to think of interesting and different meet and greet photo ideas to make them memorable to me and even hopefully to them! My last picture with them was us all doing a ninja kind of pose it was quite funny!

They gave everyone a tote bag with some cool stuff inside! I got really excited about the flower crown and wore it straight away! In the show they said it looked like a meadow because most people were wearing them haha!

For the show we very luckily got front row!!! It was an incredible view, and the show was so unexpected! THEY SANG! Threw popcorn at us and just anything you can imagine, happened😂 I loved every second of it!!!

I also vlogged this day! You can see what was in the tote bag the guys gave us! check it out on my YouTube channel:

xoxo T


Okay sooo as you can see I met Caspar Lee! On the 1st June 2016!  If you don’t know who he is then your CRAZZZYYY :’D haha he’s a YouTuber! And whilst I’m making YouTube videos I really look up to him so it was lovely to finally get to meet him after watching his videos for a long time!

He is soooooo CUTEEEEEEE and I met his mum as well as it was his Caspar Lee book tour! I went super early at like 8am so I could be at the front of the line :’D it started at 11am and I met him just before 11:11 so I got to tweet him as my 11:11 wish that had came true it was truly a very happy moment haha :’D


Oh and also I was wearing my light up shoes :’D they are very cool I wear them to a lot of concerts and events and people seem to remember me for them haha it’s kinda awesome! He noticed them and was looking down the person filming was quite good she moved with the camera to show what Caspar was looking at haha it looks quite funny! img_4479

It was an incredible day if anyone’s thinking of going anywhere to meet him then please do! He’s so nice and is truly so happy to meet all of his supporters 🙂

xoxo T